Inspiration: DNA

Inspiration: DNA, originally uploaded by Patrick Haney.

Despite the number of images used in place of text, I enjoy this
design because of the rather simple nature of the content that
becomes interesting through the use of background patterns and the grid.



Life 2.0

Life 2.0, originally uploaded by Patrick Haney.

Upgrade today!



Brad Colbow on VIRBº

Brad Colbow on VIRBº, originally uploaded by Patrick Haney.

How could you not love a Super Mario themed Virb profile? Great
color, nice illustration, and a playful attitude make this customization by Brad Colbow



Patrick Haney, Pink For October

Once again, I've decided to go Pink For October in order to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So if you see the site this month and come across all the pink, now you know why.