Inspiration: Marius Roosendaal

This one page design portfolio is beautifully put together and easy to browse. I really enjoy all the little details, from the background textures to the gorgeous portfolio screenshots. And check out the day/night themes while you're at it.

Visit the site: http://www.mariusroosendaal.com/


Inspiration: DNA

Inspiration: DNA, originally uploaded by Patrick Haney.

Despite the number of images used in place of text, I enjoy this
design because of the rather simple nature of the content that
becomes interesting through the use of background patterns and the grid.



Life 2.0

Life 2.0, originally uploaded by Patrick Haney.

Upgrade today!



Brad Colbow on VIRBº

Brad Colbow on VIRBº, originally uploaded by Patrick Haney.

How could you not love a Super Mario themed Virb profile? Great
color, nice illustration, and a playful attitude make this customization by Brad Colbow



Patrick Haney, Pink For October

Once again, I've decided to go Pink For October in order to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So if you see the site this month and come across all the pink, now you know why.


Web Design Inspiration: Unstoppable Robot Ninja

Ethan's new site, featuring the always unstoppable robot ninja, is a
fantastic example of nice typography, fresh content and Ethan's great
sense of humor. Rock on.

Visit the site: http://unstoppablerobotninja.com/
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Inspiration: Ordered List

Inspiration: Ordered List
Originally uploaded by Patrick Haney
Steve Smith, back in brown. The new Orderedlist is just as
uncomplicated as the last, with some content tweaks and obviously a
color change, which is why Iike it so much. The clean, well written
navigation and the "what I do" box at the top of the page are the
perfect way to start off this great design.

Visit the site: http://orderedlist.com/
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Inspiration: New Look Media

There are some things I really like about this design, including the calendar, news items and client extranet login. What I don't like is the very low contrast logo and the lack of any sort of rollover on the navigation. Nice design overall though.



Inspiration: Xero

Inspiration: Xero
Originally uploaded by Patrick Haney
Inspiration: Xero

Xero's online accounting system looks attractive, simple and fun to
use. So it's no surprise that the website they use to promote their
software should be the same. I love the great use of typography in
the headings as well as the playful use of icons, screenshots and
subtle glossy effects.



Inspiration: Rikcat Industries

Rik Catlow is not only an amazing artist, which can be seen through
his personal website, but he's also
a great designer. Again, simplicity and content win out in this
site's design, especially since there is almost no color whatsoever
here. The typography and subtle lines makes this one a favorite of mine.


Uploaded by Patrick Haney on 24 Jul

Inspiration: Doug Dosberg

Inspiration: Doug Dosberg
Originally uploaded by Patrick Haney
Doug's personal site is big, bold and fun, like any personal site
should be. The huge header really stands out and gives the design a
life of its own. I really enjoy the giant search box, the great type,
and the footer section as well. The only thing that bothers me about
this design is the drop down navigation tab, which seems much too
hidden to me.



Inspiration: Web Designer Wall

There are some truly artistic designs for the web out there, and this
is one of them. Some might say this site is too busy, but I really
enjoy the freshness of the illustrations surrounding the content
area, as well as some of the other nice design elements on the page.